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BioShock PC demo is really coming Monday

Justin McElroy

PC gamers are going to have to do a lot of spiritual preparation this week. Just a couple of days before they spiritually prepare themselves to play the entirety of BioShock, they're going to have to spiritually prepare themselves to finally get their hands on the demo. Actual real word has come down from on high that the PC demo of the critical (and Joystiq) darling will go live at 7 p.m. EST on Monday.

That's not all the soul prep though, as PC gamers will also have to brace themselves to have console gamer friends type countless "zzzzz"s as they attempt to share their demo experiences. Yes, 360 owners, we know you've been rocking the demo for a while, but why not pretend you've never heard about it? They've had a hard week.

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