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Daglow defends Wii as next-gen


Stormfront Studios' Don Daglow doesn't see the Wii as two GameCubes duct-taped together. Rather, Don is of the mind that the experience dictates how evolved it is perceived by the player. Sure, it lacks the sheer processing power its competitors do, but its ability to provide us with truly unique experiences trumps that.

"Next-gen hardware is any platform that, upon its introduction, dramatically changes players' view of the potential for interactive entertainment," he adds."If it changes the player's view of what interactive entertainment is; if you think differently about it; if you have a new perspective after playing the game that you didn't have before, to me that's next-gen."

But isn't it all about evolution of the game itself, not just its hyper photo-realistic graphics, when it comes to the next-gen debate? That's why we thought Daglow's remarks during his GCDC speech this afternoon were so in line with our beliefs.

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