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Exclusive Halo 3 360 theme & gamer pics spotted

Dustin Burg

One of the bonuses you get for purchasing the Halo 3 Xbox 360 is a special Halo 3 dashboard theme and set of exclusive gamer pictures to show the world that you're the proud owner of a Halo 3 360. And, of course, nobody has seen these exclusive downloads yet ... until now. Over on the powers that be have already placed previews of all seven exclusive gamer pictures as well as all the blade backgrounds from the Halo 3 Special Edition theme. It could be be accident that they've already uploaded the pictures or they did it on purpose, because they want consumers to know what goods they're getting before ploping down their cash. But no matter the reason, you can preview both uber exclusive theme and gamer picture downloads on Enjoy.

[Thanks, SpaceGhostFlyer]

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