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Six quest packs planned for Folklore

Jem Alexander

During the Folklore presentation by the game's designer Yoshiki Okamoto at Sony's PR space, 3Rooms, some details on planned downloadable content were shown. Six download packs, or "Quest Packs", have been planned. Each pack will contain the following:
  • 4 new quests
  • 1 new costume
  • 1 new monster
At the moment there is something that looks suspiciously like the first Quest Pack on the Japanese PSN Store. It weighs in at about 24MB and is downloadable for free. We obviously love the idea of these packs being free. Unlike some downloadable content. We also caught a glimpse of the concept designs for Ellen's costumes and they look great. There's one for each of the seven areas of the game, with an extra one being added with each of the six Quest Packs.

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