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The secret life of MIT's Media Lab robots

Evan Blass

While it may not have the production values -- and probably not the budget -- of the Pixar-produced Toy Story movies with which it shares a common theme, the stop-motion short "medialab@night" has nevertheless captured our imagination with its clever premise and lovable cast of characters. Just like Buzz, Woody, and that humorous little pig, the high-tech residents of MIT's Media Lab apparently also come to life when no one (except a film crew) is watching, with sensor shoes, pushpin computers, and various other gadgets roaming the halls and causing a bit of mischief. This particular film catches them hacking into the brain of our favorite little Gremlin-esque robot, Leonardo (no relation to director Leonardo Bonanni -- we think), and rewiring him to edit Wikipedia on -- what else -- an OLPC. Check out the full flick after the break, and just remember this warning the next time your Robosapiens and Pleos try using a Dremel to drill into your brain while you sleep...

[Via Waziwazi]

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