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This Wednesday: Space Giraffe and Street Trace light up XBLA


As proof that Jeff Minter is no longer tweaking, Space Giraffe is set for release on Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday, August 22nd, for 400 MS Points ($5). If the term "tunnel shooter" doesn't help you visualize Llamasoft's unhinged experiment in visual excess, picturing a Tempest of rainbows vomiting on your screen should get you halfway there. And that's not even considering the steady stream of mixed up gaming memes it spouts at you -- we just found out our giraffe is in another castle.

Also releasing this week is Street Trace: NYC, a futuristic hoverboard racer where your board's "emissions" can grant speed boosts to competing players. Mid-air jostling, upgradeable vehicles and online multiplayer all add up to 800 MS Points ($10) and a stirring memory of the Dreamcast's TrickStyle.

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