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Unlock Xbox games and winners announced

Dustin Burg

Major Nelson is back home from his North American mystery tour and so the Doritos team has now officially announced the five winners of the Unlock Xbox contest. The top five XBLA game ideas can be seen over on the official website in all their glory with winning game ideas including psychedelic effects, dinosaurs galore, chip hungry monkeys and some dodge-ball. These five winning entries have already scored their creators some sweet prizes and will now be made into game demos for everyone to try and vote on starting October 29th.

There you have it fanboys, one of these five game ideas will be making it onto the Xbox Live Arcade in the coming months for everyone to download and play. And as a consolation prize for those who submitted an idea that didn't get picked (and are a tad bitter), the Doritos folks are giving away an Xbox 360 bundle every day. See, it's not so bad.

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