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Casio's PCP-1000 and PCP-200 photo printers boast plenty of LCD


An LCD on a printer is no uncommon sight these days, but we've got to hand it to Casio for totally blowing out the concept. Its new printers, the PCP-1000 and PCP-200, hit 7-inches and 3.5-inches, respectively, with the 7-incher (pictured) running at 480 x 234, while the 3.5-inch keeps things respectable at 240 x 320. Of course, it's still hard to justify one of these things for editing and reviewing your photos when odds are you'll have a perfectly good PC sitting a few feet away, but when has that sort of logic stopped us in the past? The PCP-1000 is hitting Japan September 20th for 61,950 yen ($547 US), while the PCP-200 will run you lucky folk 50,400 yen ($445 US) on September 7th.

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