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Final Fantasy retrospective: Part VI


With Final Fantasy VII -- and all the belly-aching that goes with it -- behind us, we move on with GameTrailers' Final Fantasy retrospective into the chapters of the Final Fantasy saga which attempted a love story and then a full-on throw back. Final Fantasy VIII brought us one of the single coolest weapons in gaming history -- the gun blade. It also attempted to have the most mature plot line of any Final Fantasy until that point.

Final Fantasy IX was a throw back to cutesy Final Fantasy as games started moving towards becoming definitively un-cutesy. FF IX was also the last game before Square wised up and decided not to vomit full video in what started to feel like every single cutscene.

Next week GameTrailers covers FFX and the ultimate fashionista game for all those little boys who are going to try out for Project Runway in a few years: FF X-2. Whether you loved or hated FF X-2, those fashions were fierce.

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