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Guildwatch: An honest mistake

Mike Schramm

Sometimes you just mess up, you know? In today's GW, a guy gets to go on a trial run with a Black Temple-bound guild, and after seeing the amazing sight of Kael'thas being dropped for the first time, gets a little confused during the looting. Happens to the best of us, really.

To get your own guild news here (or share with us some juicy drama that you've heard about), send a tip to every time you drop a tip to us, a level 40 gets their mount. To read this week's GW, click the link below.


  • This week, on WoW High School... some dude asks some girl out (via in game chat-- ouch), gets refused, and everyone knows about it within seconds.
  • The Flying Jackasses on Bonechewer just had a nice battle for control of the guild-- according to our anonymous tipster, Banattee and Cheyy had a nice argument over whether the guild should go more hardcore or stay casual, and Cheyy (the GM) won-- Banattee got banned. A few people left with him, including (we're told) all of the folks who could have run Karazhan. So now the guild really is casual.
  • Here's the other side of the Shadow Command story from last week: apparently it wasn't just that those five people couldn't raid at the right time-- they also were belligerent towards the officer who went with them on the run, and our tipster says they probably should have just been /gkicked. Oh, and the part about them beating Shadow Command's progression? Apparently Shadow Command has already cleared Mag and Gruul, so that's just plain not true. The More You Know.
  • One more about Shadow Command-- another tipster says they actually kicked one of the members for last week's Guildwatch, and those guys have now formed Negative Utopia (also on Thunderhorn-H, or Thorn as we like to call it), Something tells me you'll all be happier in separate guilds.
  • This one's wacky: The End on Duskwood had a tank trying out with the guild, and things aren't going well-- he's cussing out the healers when he dies and generally being a jerk. On top of that, he has connection issues happening, so when he drops out in the middle of the Shade fight, the guild decides to kick him and get a Warlock in with them. Only when he logs back in, he's out of the group, but still in the instance somehow, and the Warlock can't get in until he leaves. While the group is headed to clean up the Maiden (who they'd left behind), this tank, named Methal by the way, starts breaking shackles on trash, and yells that he won't leave unless they take him to Nightbane so he can get the chest piece. Um, yeah. Eventually, they purposely wiped the raid (including Methal), and when the punk released, the Warlock ran in. Crazy.
  • Everyone makes mistakes, you know? Andy (who plays a Rogue in DarkStorm on Al'Akir EU) did-- he was on a trial run with his guild through Tempest Keep, and they finally made it to Kael'thas. He, of course, was wide-eyed with amazement, having never been there before. And when the time came to loot, he was told to go get his quest item, the Vial of Eternity. Except he clicks the wrong thing-- and loots a Verdant Sphere instead. Things, as you might imagine, did not go well after that. Fortunately, it really was an honest mistake, and a GM ticket later, things got straightened out, and Andy is apparently still invited on the guild runs. Good times.
  • Good idea: Have a roleplaying wedding. Bad idea: Have it on a PvP server... Even worse idea: Stranglethorn Vale.
  • Forum transfer drama! Azjol Nerub vs. Alexstrazsa.
  • Clowns on Fire on Stormrage-A killed off Morogrim Tidewalker right before the downtime came down.. Grats!
  • Ghost on Ner'zhul killed off Void Reaver. Nice jorb, as Coach Z would say.
  • The Attuned on EU Earthen Ring have finished off Shade and Prince in Karazhan, and they want Netherspite to know that dragon steaks are needed for the BBQ next week. They're also trying to fill out a second raid group-- need all classes but Hunters and Warlocks.
  • Tribe (who didn't share a server with us, but maybe they'll put it in the comments) downed both Mag and Kazzak this week after "spending months and months in Karazhan." That is a good feeling.
  • Disputed on Norgannon-H went to Gruul's Lair for their first time, and not only dropped HKM, but got Gruul to 50% as well. Very niice, as Borat would say.
  • WMC on Bronze Dragonflight EU killed The Lurker Below on their 5th and final try of the evening. That's always super fun.
  • Dark Fist on Argent Dawn-A killed Magtheridon! My blood is my own! (as Mag would say)
  • Hells Angus (server?) has dropped the Prince, and put Netherspite on notice.
  • Thrall's Warlords and Extra Hordenary (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award!) on Uldaman-H have crushed the Curator. Shade of Aran is next.
  • Valhalla on Stormreaver-H sent The Lurker back down Below. Apparently Morogrim heard about it, and he's already applied for a transfer to the Black Temple just to get away from them. No dice, Tidewalker-- you'll go down like the rest!
  • Hostile Nation on Zuluhed-A dropped Netherspite and Nightbane. Woot! HKM's on notice, and all of his adds, too!
  • Megaforce Squadron on Dragonmaw is recruiting for fun and good times. They're a super small guild (9 people at the moment), but if you're looking for a place to enjoy the game with good people, look up Gorkom.
  • Totems of War on Medivh-H (who have a pretty sweet website) are seeking players of all classes to get a good Gruul's run together.
  • Crude Crusaders on EU Aszune-H is looking for a Holy Paladin to help them out with Lady Vashj.
  • Noble Force of Valhalla on Korialstrasz are seeking a couple DPS and Healers to help out in Karazhan-- they're already doing pretty well in there, but they could use some help, and they're willing to gear and key you up. What a deal!
  • Hikari no Senshi on Lothar is looking for 6-7 players, including a tank and a Priest or Shadow Priest to fill out a 25 man group.
  • Durandal (hey, Marathon fans!) on Dalaran is looking for a few good folks for Karazhan and beyond. See Ripshank in game.
  • The Elitists on Alleria are recruiting all classes of dedicated players to help out with their 4 day a week raid schedule. So far they're past Void Reaver and working on SSC and TK.
  • La Familia on Kilrogg-A has finished off Karazhan, and is looking for a few more to fill out a 25 man group. Leave the Rhok'delar-- take the cannoli.
  • The Royal Knights on Bonechewer-A are recruiting Hunters and Mages.
That's it for this week's GW! Don't forget: send us tips (please!) at Until next week, happy raiding!

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