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IOGEAR's Digital Scribe lets you ink up any PC

Nilay Patel

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We've seen quite a few digital pens come and go -- and just like several other models relegated to history's dustbin, IOGEAR's Digital Scribe is a two-part affair consisting of an "ordinary" pen that tracks your movements and sends data to a USB receiver. Unlike those others, however, the Digital Scribe doesn't require any special tracking paper to do its thing, and it's got one huge ace up its sleeve: it's cheap. At $99, those of you brave enough to take the Vista plunge can unlock all those tablet features without breaking the bank, and the three of you who write faster than you type can doodle away at meetings. We still lose too many pens to drop a Benny on one of these things, but at least the tech is getting more accessible. Available now, according to IOGEAR.

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