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Ortelius: map illustration for the Mac, coming soon

Scott McNulty

I am not a cartographer, but I do enjoy a good map. Ortelius looks like it will be a very nice addition to any map maker's Dock. Ortelius is a program that has been designed from the get go to do one thing, and do it well: draw maps. As the product page points out addons to other drawing programs will allow you to make maps, but those programs weren't designed for it. Ortelius has a number of stock drawing tools that allow you to focus on the important thing: getting that map right.

Ortelius will allow you to highlight routes on maps you've created, create PDFs, and print out the maps. Ortelius is still under development but will be available soon for less than $50.

[via The Map Room, which is a great blog about all map related things.]

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