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BBC says Sony to unveil PS3 TV tuner at Leipzig

Either someone at the BBC has an inside source – replete with trench coat, fake mustache, and comically inverted newspaper – or they've been reading Joystiq and assembling the clues to paint a not altogether surprising portrait of Sony's Leipzig Game Convention keynote. The Beeb says Sony are on the cusp of unveiling a tuner "that will allow the recording and playback of digital TV." Of course, this is similar to remarks made by Sony's Warwick Light who said they're going "to release a digital tuner for the PS3, turning it into a programmable TV recorder."

The BBC also expects Sony to give more details about their PSP video download service developed with Sky in the UK, which we learned about last month and to deliver more details on the PSP's VoIP and instant messaging system being developed along with BT in the UK. Are these the fireworks David Reeves promised? Well, they didn't know about the DualShock 3 that's expected to unveiled today, so perhaps there are more fireworks in store.

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