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Boost Mobile gets official with i425t, thinnest iDEN phone ever

Chris Ziegler

Amidst all the hubbub surrounding Motorola's latest batch of... dare we say, almost attractive iDEN candybars, Boost has gone ahead and made its variant, the i425t, official. As is often the case with iDEN equipment, features lag a bit in exchange for PTT supremacy; here, we get a speakerphone, voice-activated dialing, GPS, integrated instant messaging, vibrating alert, and support for up to 600 contacts. That's right -- no camera or Bluetooth, though you will get your phone in a new eco-friendly "clamshell" packaging design that features end caps made of 35 percent post-consumer waste. Pick it up next month in two-tone titanium gray / black slate for $59.99 including $5 worth of call credit.

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