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Caption contest: Samsung's phone ball

Chris Ziegler

We don't know what's going on here, but mimes, phones, and spheroid frameworks are always a recipe for buffoonery.

"Having failed its FCC approval testing in spectacular fashion, Samsung's SGH-S999 'Multicall' is rolled toward the nearest dumpster by company engineers."
"You realize that if even one of these things is set to Discoverable, our cover's blown."
"Desperate to rid itself of a troublesome mime pandemic, South Korea eventually enlisted the help of Samsung to craft the 'Voicemaker 3000,' a sphere-like weapon capable of felling upward of 80 mimes per minute when properly deployed."
Darren: "If I could speak, I'd have this many phones."
Joshua: "Milo and Arlo knew at once that their investment was in vain -- alas -- neither could say 'Hello.' "
"Those 'pay as you go' phones are kind of unwieldy."
Ryan: "Do not taunt happy phone ball."
Thomas: "French police bust Chinese cloning rings."
Donald: "Leaving things 'til the last minute, Samsung was forced to turn to some mimes from the street instead of the usual spokesmodels."
Evan: "Can you hear me n... ah, guess not."

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