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Paramount's CTO defends their decision

Ben Drawbaugh

It has been a crazy week for the format war and the news just won't stop. Now Paramount's CTO, Alan Bell defends their decision by proclaiming the benefits of HD DVD over Blu-ray like HDi, inexpensive players and the fact that full featured players available today (compared to October 07). We agree that this makes sense, but none of this is new, so while we certainly appreciate their candor, at the same time we understand that each studio does what it thinks is best for their business. So no matter what the reasons that a studio has chosen to support a format, there have to be economic reasons for them to not support both -- this goes for all the studios in both camps. Alan didn't directly comment on what those reasons might be, but he did address how long this exclusivity would last by saying that "At this moment in time, it's an indefinite commitment." which sounds to us like a definite maybe.

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