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LGC07: PSP's on-demand video service launches in Europe 2008


Having your demands met is something you likely strive for and throw tantrums about on a daily basis. If said demands happen to involve portable video devices, you'll be pleased to note that Sony and Sky's on-demand video service for the PSP is set to launch in Europe next year. Dubbed "Go!," the service will allow PSP owners in the UK and Ireland to access content and watch it on the "Go!". You see, that's a well-researched title.

In the "oh snap" section of the press release, it's stated that, "Unlike other services, the Video Download Service will launch with a rich selection of high quality entertainment." In your face, other services! The content, which can be downloaded to the PSP via Wi-Fi or transferred from a PC, will run the gamut of sports, movies, music, animation and the vague "entertainment." Exact pricing details will likely be revealed closer to the launch in 2008.

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