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Top 10 HD Misunderstandings

Matt Burns

Normally we feel that late night TV can keep their so-called "Top 10" lists, however "Top 10 HD Misunderstandings" is something we can get into. We won't rain on this guys picnic by listing the entire list but we do have to touch on our two favorite: #4 - LCDs/Plasmas/LCoS/DLP suck for Gaming/Movies/TV/HTPC & #2 - 1080i is inferior to 720p which is finger paint to 1080p Van Gogh. While there still is a debate over the superior display type, we all can agree that LCDs, plasmas, LCoS, and DLP's are mature enough to handle video games and fast moving sports. Sure, some might be slightly better but quality sets will do a fine job. 1080i and 720p produce the same image, just in slightly different ways; the end result in both resolutions however is still high-def. 1080p sound great on paper but we still feel that until you get into a large size, or use the display chiefly as a computer monitor, most consumers will not tell the difference - Pioneer's KURO plasma helps this argument. The amount of dumbfounded folks walking around any random Circuit City/Best Buy proves this whole HDTV thing is overwhelming and while we don't feel that this Top 10 list will cure the common cold, it should help calm the stomach of some.

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