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AnyDrive intros external hard drive-equipped X1 GPS device


It's getting increasingly hard for manufacturers to distinguish one GPS / PMP unit from the next these days (especially in Korea), but it looks like AnyDrive has made a decent attempt at it, with it now bundling a 40GB external hard drive with its new X1 device. Apart from that addition, however, the device looks to be pretty standard fare, including the de facto 7-inch display, along all the usual PMP features (including DivX, OGG, and WMA9 support) and integrated DMB TV capabilities. For some out-of-vehicle entertainment, the external hard drive can also be used as a standalone media player, with a remote control provided to control it when its hooked up to your TV. No word on a price or release date, but you know where you'll have to go if you want to pick one up.

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