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Crytek deep into PS3 development, creating "secret technologies"


Crytek, the team behind the upcoming Crysis, is heavily invested in console development. In fact, it appears that Crytek is especially invested in Sony's next-gen platform. "Our PS3 development is going deeper than many people assume right now," studio boss Cevat Yerli told

The team is currently working on a console game, and it appears that the game is being built from the ground up for PS3. "It's a complete departure from Crysis and Far Cry, it's not a first-person shooter," he explained. The game, which is also bound for Xbox 360, won't feature any of the cross-platform issues that have been plaguing sloppier releases. "For that, we're optimising technology, but for another reason, the future in general, there is a dedicated PS3 team."

Crytek is working on additional technologies, specifically for Sony's platform. "The PS3 room is separate because we have some secret technologies being developed there which are not related to CryEngine 2." Obviously, this comes as exciting news -- one just has to take one look at Crysis to see the incredible grasp Crytek has on bleeding edge technology. We can't wait to see what they're cooking up for the PS3.

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