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LCD and plasma burn-in advice

Matt Burns

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Image retention, the kids call it "burn-in" on the street, is something every flat-panel has to deal with. HD Guru dug up a case involving not a plasma but, gasp, an LCD. It seems like logos were "burned" into the the right of the screen. The issue is something that rarely pops up -- even more rare on an LCD -- but when it does, we're sure most owners shave a year or two off their life as their heart skips a beat. There is no reason to fear that your pricey, little baby will always have that Sony DVD logo burnt in, as most burn-in can be easily eliminated. Follow the jump for some DIY tips on prevention and elimination.


  1. Burn-in is most likely when the TV is the brightest making the first 24-36 hours of life critical. Even some manufacture set-up screens can cause nasty image retention. (not burn-in but rather, ghosting for a short period of time.)
  2. Turn down the brightness past 50%. Plus, you will get a lot deeper picture.
  3. Avoid static images. This does not mean the ESPN banner or ABC logo but rather the Window's Start Bar or OS X's Dock. Use the plasma as a TV because you WILL get burn-in if used as a monitor. If you pause the Xbox, turn of the TV.


  1. Turn the TV off and go grab a snack
  2. Change the channel to something fast moving for a few minutes
  3. Check the TV menu for burn-in utilities
  4. Unplug the flat-panel for twice as long as the image was on the display
  5. Contact the manufacture for advice
  6. Produce an all white JPEG and present it to the set
  7. Return to the retailer and demand a new set - that is the American way, right?
  8. Last step - remember Office Space and the fax machine...
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