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LG intros the T54 PMP


Are you in the market for a totally original and exciting PMP that's unlike anything you've ever seen before? Well, don't get too excited -- because this isn't that product. What it is, however, is a slick looking mini player that boasts a pretty decent feature set. The new LG T54 has all of the regular PMP features you've come to know and love from mainland China (or in this case, South Korea), such as a 2.4-inch, color touchscreen, MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV and AVI playback, plus a sweet 25-hour battery lifespan on a single charge (for music). Actually, LG's entry does have one feature that you don't see on every player -- though we suspect that may be changing -- namely, a DMB receiver, which will net you live TV and radio broadcasts, provided you're in a country where they exist. No word on storage capacity, release date, or price.

[Via PMP Today, thanks Brian]

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