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LGC07: Metal Gear Solid Press Conference Q&A with Kojima

Jem Alexander

The Kojima Productions Press conference at Leipzig today ended with a Q&A session between the press and Kojima-san and his cohorts. The following is a summary of the questions and responses and covers Metal Gear Online, Metal Gear Solid 4 plans for the 360 and more.

Will Metal Gear Online be separate from MGS4 or will it be included?

Hard to explain. When you play story mode you will be able to go online and it will have extra stuff at the end.
Haven't decided whether it will be separate or not, but if you buy MGS4 you can play a portion of online at least. The worlds of MGS4 and MGO are very similar and they want consistencies between them. Final discussions haven't been made yet.

Can you say anything about the music?

There may be a special feature where you can play your own music.

Will Metal Gear Solid 4 ever come to 360, like the previous titles as a "subsistence" package?

Right now it's only being made for PS3. No plans for 360 for now.

It seems too easy. Was the demonstration in Easy mode? Can we expect harder AI in the full game?

I'm sorry to say that we set the AI for our producer, Ken, a little too easy in case he had difficulties. In the full game it will be harder. We are still balancing the difficulty.

In Metal Gear Online will other characters be playable? Bosses, maybe? Or just normal soldiers?

Yes, of course we'll have some special characters appear.

Aren't Metal Gear 2 and the Stealth suit too big an advantage for Snake? Does it make the game too easy?

You don't have to worry. We're still adjusting the difficulty. You can't complete the game just using those things, the full game will be much harder. Metal Gear mk. 2 is just a supporting device, so you can't proceed much further with it. Snake has to physically move in order to proceed.

Will the final game support Rumble?

For now, we don't have that feature. We wish we could. Let's see what happens in the future. In Kojima Productions there is a man, we call him The Rumble Guy, and he has nothing to do right now. So every day I worry about him. I want to include Rumble so that he has something to do.

Can you say anything about how weather will affect gameplay mechanics?

We have implemented psychological battles in the game. If you or your enemy are somewhere that is uncomfortable: too hot, too cold etc, then that will affect your gameplay. For example if you are in a hot area then you are tense, but if you eat hot food in that situation then you get a power boost.

What other uses will the SIXAXIS controller take on in the game?

You might need to use the SIXAXIS controller on special occasions throughout the game.

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