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Nokia, I-play hook up for "casual" games on N-Gage platform

Chris Ziegler

The exact nature of Nokia's next-gen N-Gage efforts still aren't entirely clear, but at least we know we'll be able to get our mahjong on. Nokia has announced a partnership with mobile game purveyor I-play to offer a full range of "casual" games to the N-Gage platform starting this fall. Interestingly, this announcement seems totally unrelated to the Shockwave Mini deal that was also recently inked -- so by all appearances, Nokia's putting a lot of weight behind its entertainment offerings over the next few months. There's no mention of how exactly the games will be delivered, though it's a safe bet that the upcoming N-Gage download client will play a role. Expect I-play's offerings to focus on -- as they call it -- "one-thumb" gaming experiences that make it easy to catch a quick game on the bus to work without having to get too involved. Just don't go trying World Rally Championship while you're driving, k?

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