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Polk Audio announcing SurroundBar50 at CEDIA '07

Matt Burns

Settling for the tiny, paper stock speakers flat panels come with is almost as bad as running coax from your cable box to your HDTV, so we are glad to see Polk Audio adding to their offerings. Polk intro'd their original 42-inch SurroundBar (pictured) two years ago to an empty market, but now quite a few manufacturers produce so-called "sound bars." Their latest, SurroundBar50, is designed with 50-inch flat-panels in mind, as the speaker is 51-inches long and mountable either above or beneath the set via the included mount. The extra real estate enhances the virtual surround field as well as providing more internal volume and producing deeper bass. The official announcement isn't happening until Polk Audio's CEDIA press conference on September 6th, but expect the SurroundBar 50 to land at $1,099 this October. We know these virtual surround speakers aren't as good as the real deal, however, don't knock these speakers till you hear 'em in person, as they're a solid alternative to a room full of speakers.

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