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Second Halo short sneaks online

Justin McElroy

We were less than kind to "Arms Race," the first Halo-based short from director Neill Blomkamp, when it showed at E3. But we're going to try to hold our tongues as you watch the second edition of the series, captured by Gamersyde at the Leipzig Games Convention. The quality is bad, the audio's off, and it just wouldn't be fair to judge without seeing it as it was intended. You can hit the "Read" link for a higher-res, but still low-quality version.

We won't for instance, say that this reminds us more of the visceral thrill of fat guys playing paintball than anything Bungie ever created. We wouldn't say that the Covenant are kind of reminiscent of Bebop and/or Rocksteady. We won't question why the energy shields appear to have been disabled. It just wouldn't be nice. We will say that the Warthog (the car, not Bebop) and Banshee look pretty good. That's something, right?


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