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TomTom RIDER 2nd Edition motorcycle GPS ready for those mean streets


We knew the RIDER 2nd Edition couldn't be far off, given the PR leakage a few months ago, but TomTom is finally fessing up to the new motorcycle-centric model. The 2nd Edition RIDER brings with it a new waterproof design, redesigned rugged "RAM" mount and bike dock, in-helmet Bluetooth headset for working phone calls and listening to spoken instructions off of the device and an optional car setup kit for boring four wheel usage. The unit runs a 3.5-inch QVGA touchscreen, 380MHz processor, 32MB of RAM, pre-loaded 1GB SD card with US and Canada maps, and measures two inches thick. Of course, none of this rugged GPS action comes cheap: the RIDER 2nd Edition will run you $700 at retail, and is available now.

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