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Umbrella Chronicles looks horrifying - in a good way


The look of the upcoming Resident Evil on-rails shooter, Umbrella Chronicles, has grown by leaps and bounds since we first started to see screenshots. The November release dates are fast approaching, so what we're seeing here is probably a lot of what we'll be seeing on our televisions once this hits shelves. We discussed opinions on this title back in April, and it seems like a good time to ask if you're now more (or hey, less, for the haters) excited about this one than you were back then.

We've updated the gallery with the latest screens, and the dates embedded with the images allows you to compare shots and see how things have come along since we got our first glimpses of the title. There's also a new trailer tucked away after the break for your viewing pleasure. We just love all the new trailers that surface for game conferences!

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