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2K proclaims: our sports games will run in 60fps


Who knew 30 puny frames per second would spur such a huge outcry from gamers? 2K Games isn't taking any chances, and promises that their upcoming sports games, such as the NBA 2K series, will run at 60fps on both PS3 and Xbox 360. "Our [PS3 version] does run at 60fps," said 2K Sports PR Manager Anthony Chau to CVG.

Admittedly, developers have had less time with the PS3 than with the Xbox 360. "It's pretty tough on PS3 but I think it's because most developers have had the Xbox 360 longer in terms of development than the PS3." However, if Sony and 2K Sports can develop games at 60fps, there's no reason why other sports games should be limited on the hardware. Thankfully, EA has already learned from their mistakes.

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