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ATRD M10 offers fingerprint scanning for your car


It looks like those not satisfied with the current security measures on their vehicle will soon have another option at their disposal for some added peace of mind, with ATRD's new M10 device set to offer some fingerprint scanning as a means of last resort. The system can apparently be retrofitted into just about any vehicle, with a variety of different modules available to integrate it with various alarm and immobilization systems. With the device installed, you'll have to first put the key in your vehicle to start the electronics, and then place your finger on the scanner in order to start the ignition. For those sharing a vehicle, you'll be able store up to ten different prints, and there's also a "valet mode" that'll let others drive the vehicle. No word on a price or release date, but we're sure some of you can whip up your own solution with some off-the-shelf gear -- if you haven't already.

[Via Autoblog]

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