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BioShock PC patch, other fixes on the way

Justin McElroy

Cult of rapture indeed! Some may have been having small doubts about paying their membership dues up front after some BioShock issues have poked their relatively insignificant heads up over the past few days. Now, after an announcement that all of those problems are either fixed or being worked on by 2K, the cult is really living up to its name.

Fans have probably been the most vocal about the field-of-view issue, which had widescreen players seeing less than those with fullscreen displays. Though 2K said that the choice was an intentional one, they've taken complaints into consideration and are working on a PC patch for the problem. (If you're in a rush, an unofficial hack is available here.) A similar update for 360s is "under investigation." Also an issue was a copy protection measure that limited the number of PCs a copy of the game could be installed on. That number is being upped, and machines will soon be able to be delicensed to free up a key. To help with these and other issues, a new team of support staff is being brought on to assist in the 2K forums.

[Via Shacknews]

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