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Game-related record sleeve art hurts our brains

Kyle Orland

Video game soundtracks might be a big deal nowadays, but back in the '80s the video-game-related albums at the record store tended to be a little different. AZ Nighbuzz has assembled a collection of some of the wonderfully weird game-related album art from the golden age of the arcades.

While various international versions of Pac-Man Fever clog up the list, the selections include everything from spoken word strategy to a Breakout backstory and even a Super Mario Land remix that was pressed onto vinyl as late as 1992. Our favorite, though, has to be the inexplicably weird cover for Scientist Encounters Pac-Man, in which a metal, piranha-toothed monstrosity devours a dark-skinned man (presumably the Scientist?) in futuristic skin-tight garb. They just don't make album art like that any more. Thank goodness.

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