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Pachter: Wii supplies being diverted to US from Japan


Japan doesn't need their Wiis like those ravenous all-consuming Americans, and Nintendo knows this according to Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter. While crunching the NPD numbers for July, and trying to figure out where he went wrong, he noticed that the US Wii sales numbers were a bit confusing -- they were high. That's not confusing on the demand side of things, but the supply shouldn't have been there to sell.

Pachter says, "Wii sales remain strong, with an apparent increase in supply during the quarter. This increase is inconsistent with reports that Nintendo has had difficulty in increasing its manufacturing capacity ... suggesting to us that the company has diverted supply from other areas (perhaps Japan) to the U.S." Finally, our societal lack of patience pays off! We want our Wiis and we want them now! There will be "murder, death, kill" if mothers don't get their little ones a Wii by this Christmas.

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