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Sign up to have your broken Big Daddy replaced

Dustin Burg

For those of you who've purchased the BioShock limited edition, opened it up and found your Big Daddy figurine in a broken state ... listen up.

2K Games has just launched a website allowing broken Big Daddy owners to request a new replacement figurine. To register for a new Big Daddy, head on over to the BioShock Support page, fill in the information and soon you'll be shipped a box. One you receive the pre-paid box, place your broken figure inside, send it out and once they receive it they'll speedily ship you a copy of the BioShock art book "Breaking the Mold". When new figurines are available (it'll be a bit, because they had to manufacture new ones) they'll ship you a brand new Big Daddy for you to hold and love. It's easy as pie!

True, you'll have to be separated from your Big Daddy figurine for a while, but you're gaining a new art book and a pristine figurine with all the shipping and handling paid for. Nice job 2K, we knew you cared about us.

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