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Lindy's Data Dock hot swaps all kinds of junk


Do you ever find yourself staring down at your drive bays, watching as the lazy, single purpose hard drive does its work and think, "Man, I wish I could swap that thing out for a USB hub when it's done spinning."? Well, the clever folks at Lindy have answered your prayers by creating the USB 2.0 Data Dock. The premise is simple: the Dock installs into your standard, 3.5-inch bay and provides two open "slots" which you can use for either a 2.5-inch swappable drive enclosure, a four port USB hub, or a multi-format card reader -- all of which are provided. Additionally, once the modules are swapped out, they can be plugged directly into another system (or the same system) via a typical USB connection. Available now for £49.99 (about $101).

[Via SlashGear]

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