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Halo 3 faceplates and skins for your 360

Dustin Burg

Getting tired of your plain white (or black) Xbox 360 and feel like it's time to give it a makeover? In comes GameShark to your rescue with officially licensed Halo 3 faceplate / console skin bundles in three different Halo'licious designs. Each design pack is made up of one faceplate and two easy to put on (and remove) skins for the sides of your 360 which retail for $29.99 with free shipping. The three designs include the Master Chief inspired Brown Vehicles skin, the Grunty Orange Culprit skin and our favorite purple and pink Covenant skin. Go ahead, get in the Halo 3 mood and skin your 360 or we'll make you purchase another even more Halo themed console.

[Via Grunts R Us]

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