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Its a dance, dance, dance world (of warcraft)

Dan O'Halloran

The dance news is neverending here at WoW Insider.

DanceNews #1: Via MMO-Champion, Blizzard revealed a little more about the new dances in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Players will be able to go to a dance studio to learn the new moves. I forsee some excellent Machinima in the future.

DanceNews #2: Blizzard has posted pictures from the Blizzcon 2007 dance contest. Many of the contestants did an amazing job of mimicking the moves from the game. Some of them in costume. If you need a refresher, check out our video direct from Blizzcon.

DanceNews #3: This isn't news, but a question. What new dance moves would you like to be incorporated in the game? The Jitterbug? The Mashed Potato? The Electric Slide?

For a refresher on the current player dances, there is a flash animation for each class (except Dranei and Blood Elf) on the World of Warcraft official site.

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