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PAX 07: 1UP Yours podcast still John's


As the special live PAX edition of the 1UP Yours podcast kicked off in front of a densely-packed crowd (hence the distance and over-some-guy's-shoulderness of the picture), the team (including Special Guest Luke Smith, for the classic 1UP Yours lineup) made an announcement that should be comforting for fans of the show.

John Davison may be leaving the 1UP Network, but he won't be leaving the his most publicly visible task as a member of the team: the podcast. After he makes the big move (he says his new office is "a block away"), he'll continue to appear as normal on the 1UP Yours podcast. Bless his commitment to giving people things to listen to idly during work.

Tonight's podcast isn't online yet, obviously, but look for it within a few days.

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