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COD4 beta: no more first come, first serve


The Community manager for Infinity Ward, known by the masses as fourzerotwo, has posted an update on his blog concerning the complete hysteria surrounding the Call of Duty 4 multiplayer beta. It seems that Infinity Ward was promised by the company that maintains their web servers that the site would not crash again as it has so often has during the beta sign up process. Obviously, the repeated crashes deprived many gamers of their chance to get in on the beta, so Infinity Ward is doing something about it.

So, here's the upshot of all this: Infinity Ward is doing away with first come, first serve registration. As soon as the beta site goes live again, they will be implementing open registration for 24 hours. The exact method in which this will be done hasn't been specified yet, but fourzerotwo assures us that everyone will have an equal chance to register for the beta when all is said and done. Keep an eye on fourzerotwo's blog for updates.

[Thanks, Josh]

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