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Five more good reasons to pick plasma over LCD

Steven Kim

We touched on this topic in last week's podcast, but repetition is the key. The linked article is a two-pronged summary of why many feel plasma is superior to LCD as a direct-view display technology. First, plasma displays come out ahead in the areas of color, viewing angle, clarity and cost. Second, the most common (still?) myths of plasma shortcomings are knocked down -- burn-in, power consumption, lifetime and ambient light requirements. It's good to address how the two technologies stack up in producing a product that not only will produce great images, but also serve as a consumer-friendly device. Don't get us wrong, LCDs certainly have their place, and there are LCDs that create very good images. But for a primary viewing display over 42-inches, plasma wins out in our opinion. The interwebs are great for gathering specs, but it's only the starting point when it comes to picking out a HD display.

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