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Halo 3 is so unofficially gold

Dustin Burg

For the past few weeks Microsoft and Bungie employees have been spotted online playing a near final build of Halo 3 called Epsilon, but now it looks like Epsilon is through and the final build is out. This weekend, Bungie's very own Frankie was spotted playing Halo 3 online, but not the typical Epsilon build ... it was simply titled "Halo 3". If you check out Frankie's gamercard you'll notice that the game icon and achievements are achievable (although not viewable) leading us to believe that he was playing the final Halo 3 build and that the game has gone gold.

No official Halo 3 gold status announcement has been made yet, but with less than a month before release the timing seems about right. We'll keep an eye on Frankie's gamercard for any new Halo 3 revelations, because we're a tad obsessed with Halo and because we need to practice our stalker skills.

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]

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