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HD DVD and Blu-ray releases on August 28th, 2007

Ben Drawbaugh

And so it begins, not only is this the first week that the Blu-ray camp misses out on the first Paramount HD DVD exclusive Blades of Glory, but they don't have any titles to boot. We have however, heard of some people locating Blu-ray copies of Blades of Glory that haven't been successfully recalled, but they don't count none-the-less. While we're talking about the count, no we haven't deducted the 32 Paramount titles -- Yet. We've added a comment to explain, but we'll officially remove them in 30 days, by this time most of the remaining stock should be depleted. We know some of you won't like it, but tough. Despite all the fuss about Blades of Glory, the biggest exclusive title this week is Heroes, with some of the best HD extras yet.

HD DVD 278 vs Blu-ray 286 *

  • Zilch
*Blu-ray total reflects 32 Paramount titles only available for a limited time.

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