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PowerVault: Dedicated home theater battery backup

Matt Burns

How much would you spend not to miss a second of the Super Bowl or the Final's Game 7? $500 or maybe even up to $5000, but we're having a hard time justifying spending $25k to $30k to have a dedicated home theater battery backup. Then again, generators are loud and dirty, plus they take time to get up and running so a huge battery would be the best solution. That's where the PowerVault comes in. The 95-amp monster provides a dedicated power source for your entire home theater and when we say entire, think amps, projector, lighting and whatever else a theater nut has. The unit can work in conjunction with a generator or solar panel so when those kick in, the PowerVault shuts down. While we could drop $25k on a lot of other home theater gear, this battery backup might be just what you need to guarantee power for the big game. That is of course that your cable line wasn't affected when the power went out or the satellite dish still works during the storm; well, guess you could always pop in a movie and weather the storm that way.

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