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BigTen Network launches Thursday, but will you get it?

Ben Drawbaugh

Most HD fans love sports, and all sports fans love HD (right?), so it's only natural that every sports lovin' HD fan wants every HD sports channel they can get their hands on. The BigTen network is a big deal for sports fans, -- especially if you follow any BigTen teams -- and we love the fact that 92% of their football games get the HD treatment. But unfortunately when the channel launches this Thursday most won't be able to enjoy it, 'cause only a few providers (like DirecTV and AT&T U-Verse) have signed on. Like most of these deals, a big part is money, but some of it is the ol' basic tier Vs extended BS. So if you're in the unlucky colum, then go ahead and call your provider and if they can't get the deal done, you'd better hope you have a nice southwestern view of the sky.

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