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Heavenly Sword animated series: Part III & IV


It's a double feature with parts three and four of the Heavenly Sword animated series. Part three tells the tale of a son's betrayal and his desire to become a god. This animated series has been a great way to get exposition and background out of the way before the game releases Sept 12 -- we're still fence-sitting in angst after the PSN demo if these shorts will end up being cooler than the game.

Part four can be found after the break, in it the clan protecting the sword prepares for the rebirth of the Heavenly Warrior ... a boy savior. Then there's a shocking cliffhanger during the birth. Um, not to ruin anything, but most should be able to guess what the revelation was if you've been paying attention to Heavenly Sword at all.

See also: Part I, Part II

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