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Iomega intros entry-level network drives


Iomega, long known for its stream of Mac and PC accessories (in particular the infamous Zip drive) has announced plans to offer a series of low-cost, family-oriented NAS solutions that will make your file sharing life a living heaven, or so they say. The new set of drives -- which come in 320GB, 360GB, or 500GB capacities -- feature 10/100 ethernet connections, 7200 RPM SATA-II drives (with 8MB caches), and... well, uh, that's it. As president Tom Kampfer says, "At less than $150.00, the Iomega Home Network Hard Drive is a new price-performance milestone for networking today's digital home." Go ahead -- drink the Kool-Aid. The 320GB model is available now for $149, the 360GB and 500GB are coming in September for $149 (oddly the same as the smaller model) and $199, respectively.

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