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Mountain Dew's Halo 3 ad


Or should that headline read Halo 3's Mountain Dew ad? Hmm, chicken or the egg? Anyway, ever do a multiplayer match of Halo online? If so, then this advertisement for the Mountain Dew/Halo 3 soda should make perfect sense. Look at all the people screaming in their languages, it's so international. Wonder if the Halo 3 version of Mountain Dew is even available in all those countries featured?

This is only one small part of the product tie-ins we can expect throughout the next couple months regarding that which is the Halo 3. Just remember the Halo hype-machine-of-madness is so high that you can even pick up a copy of the game at your local 7-Eleven at Midnight on Sept. 25 -- don't forget to pre-order.

[Via Creativity, Thanks Vlad]

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