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Contest: Cosplay as Kratos, win a PSP

[Update: Submission period is over! We'll be picking the winner soon.]

To help promote Kratos' first portable outing, Sony has offered us a PSP to give away to one lucky reader. But it's not so simple. Now that God of War has gone mobile in God of War: Betrayal, we thought we'd ask readers to, well, go mobile as the god of war. Wherever you're likely to break out your cellphone to eviscerate some minotaurs kill some time, we're asking you to:
  • Take a picture of yourself dressed as Kratos in a mundane location; think: bus stop, DMV, waiting in line, etc.
  • Submit your image in .jpg format, no smaller than 800px wide, to joyswag.submissions+kratos AAT gmail DAWT com between now and 5pm on 9/5/07
  • You may submit one entry each day, giving you more chances to win
  • Winners will be selected based on creativity, uniqueness, and humor
  • Please, no real weapons, we don't want anyone to get hurt. Try cardboard or styrofoam instead!
Please consult the official rules for more details. You can purchase God of War: Betrayal on Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, or by texting KRATOS to 4SONY.

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