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Nano crushed by highway traffic


We've finally found something that can kill an Apple product: 30 minutes of highway traffic. Sam O. wrote in to tell us what happened to his brother's 2G Nano-- his grandmother apparently found it in the driveway, and decided to pick it up and put it on the hood of his car. He didn't realize this had happened, however, until he'd driven out for some errands, so after swearing profusely for a bit, he got back in the car to follow his route and see if he could spot it.

It's hot pink, obviously, so he did find it-- just in time to see an 18-wheel semi run it over. The gory results are below. We've seen Apple products take quite a licking and keep on ticking before, but apparently sitting on the highway for 30 minutes in Boise, ID will shut them down for good. Good to know.

Of course, the real question is: did AppleCare cover it?

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