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Press Start: The Movie

Kevin Kelly

It feels like there has been an onslaught of retro-gaming related movies lately, right? We've had King of Kong, and Chasing Ghosts this year already. Now ... you've got Press Start coming at you. However, this isn't some gaming documentary. Oh no, this film isn't content to just interview gamers from yesteryear or wax poetic about Donkey Kong high scores. This one goes straight for your nostalgia core and kicks it into hypderdrive.

"Zack Nimbus (Joshua Stafford) is a typical suburban youth and volunteer monster exterminator living peacefully in a videogame world. It's a realm where people actually do cross rivers by jumping across alligators' heads (or being chomped to death in the attempt) and where injuries can be cured by eating food found laying about in old hallways. Here, the pleasant days are ending due to world conquest by the unspeakably evil but insecure and telephone-addicted wizard, Count Nefarious Vile (Peter Davis).

Zack soon finds himself recruited by battle-hardened space soldier Sam (Lauren Chambers) and enthusiastically bad-tempered ninja Lin-Ku (Al Morrison) to join a last desperate attempt to thwart Vile's imminent victory. But not before lampooning every videogame convention that comes their way."

They're even promising that some "guest stars" will make an appearance, including a mustachioed plumber that you might know. Check out the trailer after the break, and see what life is like with "no continues."

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